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At Carolyn’s Dance Land, our students are discovering and developing their artistic side, and this builds

their Confidence. We want them to walk away from every class knowing that they have worked hard.

The Principles at Carolyn’s Dance Land are simple and clear. Arts education empowers and defines self-

esteem, discipline, creativity, and self-confidence. These principles will become a part of each student

whether they pursue a professional career or not. This is for life. We are absolutely committed to using

music, costume, and dance to express our feelings and emotions. Dancing at Carolyn’s Dance Land

promotes self-esteem, patience, hard work, endurance, physical fitness, artistic expression, respect, and

the ability to accept criticism gracefully. We are honored that you have chosen Carolyn’s Dance Land as

a place for your child to grow! Our Motto is “Dance like EVERYONE is watching.”

All of our classes have a consistent structure, whether it is ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, or hip hop. The

instructor begins with barre’ work or center warmups. This warmup is not the same as stretching. It is the

basis of the specific dance technique the student is learning. Similar in learning to spell, a student first

needs to know the alphabet. Each step used in the warmup is used later in the class as part of the center

work or part of the work across the floor. For example, pliés (bending of the knees) are done at the

beginning of each ballet class. Pliés are then used each time the dancers jump and as preparation for many types of turns. If pliés are done incorrectly, the dancer risks injury. We, therefore, use the beginning of

each class to establish correct placement and execution of pliés.

CLASS LEVELS are divided into levels based on a student’s ability and/or age.

Unlike grade levels in school, students do not necessarily move to the next level each year. We have a

great deal of curriculum to cover in each level and we want to make sure that the student is comfortable,

strong, confident, and technically correct before moving up. Some students may take a Level for a couple

of years, others may move through a Level in less time. The determination is made on an individual basis

by the instructor. Each student progresses at his or her own pace. Students advance to more challenging

levels as they safely master the requisite skills and techniques, not specific combinations. Please be

patient and encouraging with your child. Dance is an art form and cannot be rushed. Often our levels do

not coincide with other studios. Some studios have three levels while others may offer 10. To compare

levels, it is important to look at the curriculum not the number of years of training.

Meet the Team


Carolyn McClinton-Goodin



Kristen Newton

Studio Instructor/ Choreographer

Carol McClinton

Studio Director/

Script Writer/

Drama Instructor

Carvette  Williams

Studio Front Desk Manager

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