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Carolyn’s Dance Studio wants everyone to have the opportunity to learn how to dance. Children, boys, girls, and adults, there is a class for all! Dance helps to develop poise, coordination, and it's fun. Dance can be a great background for other activities such as cheer leading, sports, musical theater or even a future career. Carolyn’s Dance Studio offers classes in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, tap, college preparation training and Dance Fitness. Our mission is to create an atmosphere full of joy. Carolyn’s Dance Studio is dedicated to teaching correct dance technique, theory, and terminology from beginning through advanced students of all ages. We do not believe in over inflated prices for a lot of show. We believe in teaching the basics of the art form to provide a solid foundation both mentally and physically. This foundation enables the student to understand and perform dance at any level. It allows the student to appreciate the true beauty of the art form. Our students are our priority. It is our goal that they receive a positive and excellent education in dance. Dance helps children learn, brings happiness and our specific approach builds confidence and dance competence. It is well-proven that movement and music for children has countless benefits developmentally, physically, and intellectually and with our virtual classes your dancer can gain from all those benefits. Whether you are on vacation, unable to attend your usual dance class, want more dance but can’t fit another trip to the studio – whatever the reason – we have the answer. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of kid-friendly dance classes – any day, any time!

The Plan


For $65.00/month you can enroll in Carolyn’s Dance Studio Virtual Dance Class. Each person will attend a live dance class weekly with Carolyn’s Dance Studio Staff! Also, Bi-Weekly you will receive a new lesson via email to reinforce what was taught in class. Your bi-weekly video will include tutorials and videos to specific dances, break downs, and review of dance steps, combinations, and full dances to practice each week. Each class is approximately 1 hour long and includes a full body stretch, technique/dance skills, dance combo’s (for memory), and choreography for the showcase at each Production. The $65.00/month includes one class per week. If you would like to take 2 classes per week there will be an additional $10.00 charge each month which would bring the monthly fee to $75.00.

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