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Dress Code


Our dress code was established to promote the students’ freedom of movement and the instructor’s observation of correct technique. We have differentiated the Ballet levels by the color of leotard. First, this color distinction gives the student a sense of accomplishment as the dancer moves up in levels and graduates to a new color of leotard. Secondly, it adds a sense of style and flavor inside of the studio. Hair should be worn off the face and neck, in a bun if possible. This enhances the dancer’s vision and enables the instructor to observe proper alignment of neck and shoulders.

Class uniforms and tights are ordered through Carolyn's Dance Land, and will be given out the 1st week of September. Class Uniforms are $27 and tights are $12. 

All dancers will need a Carolyn's Dance Land uniform, Carolyn's Dance Land nude tights, Nude ballet shoes, Nude jazz shoes, and classic black and white vans. 

**T-shirts are not allowed in class. No biking shorts or print leotards allowed. The only cover up accepted is jazz shorts and/or ballet skirt. **

CLASS LEVELS are divided into levels based on a student’s ability and/or age.

Unlike grade levels in school, students do not necessarily move to the next level each year. We have a great deal of curriculum to cover in each level and we want to make sure that the student is comfortable, strong, confident, and technically correct before moving up. Some students may take a Level for a couple of years, others may move through a Level in less time. The determination is made on an individual basis by the instructor. Each student progresses at his or her own pace. Students advance to more challenging levels as they safely master the requisite skills and techniques, not specific combinations. Please be patient and encouraging with your child. Dance is an art form and cannot be rushed. Often our levels do not coincide with other studios. Some studios have three levels while others may offer 10. To compare levels, it is important to look at the curriculum not the number of years of training


We believe that it is important for a student to be placed appropriately so that he/she can get the most out of the class. Our instructors take a personal interest in each student. Initial student evaluation involves determining a student’s present ability considering previous dance experience, individual skill, and muscle development. Once a child starts in the fall, he/she will not be placed up because of their birthday. Please do not ask instructors about moving up in class.

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