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Competition & Company 


Carolyn’s Dance Land Competition

Our Competition Team was founded by Carolyn McClinton-Goodin in December 2011. CDL

Competition has become the face of Carolyn’s Dance Land. This is the traveling company. These

dancers travel all over the states. To name a few they have been competed in Orlando, Florida (Disney

World), Irvine, California, Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, New Orleans, and Lafayette, Louisiana.

They have also danced half-time of the Saints vs. 49ers, half-time of the Saints vs. Buccaneers, half

time of Saints vs Redskins, Primetime Pelicans vs OKC, Hawks vs. Bulls, and Pelicans vs. Cleveland. They have gone on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico which was an amazing experience. These dancers have been placed in some amazing opportunities. The team is broken down into 4 different divisions, but they all have 1

vision! This year the girls will compete in Galveston, Texas with StarQuest and in New Orleans,

Louisiana with Rainbow Dance Competition. To be a part of our competition team, the dancer must

receive an invitation by our staff.

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