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Classes at Carolyn's Dance Land


At Carolyn’s Dance Land, we offer 8 types of dance genres. Below is a brief description of each dance form. All our classes are divided into different levels, which are based on the student’s age or ability. We believe that it is important for a student to be placed appropriately so they may get the most out of a class. Placement is done by the instructor.

BALLET is the basis for all dance forms. It teaches the strong foundation and terminology that is needed by all dancers. It maybe danced to classical music or the instructor’s choice. Our curriculum is based on the Ailey/Fordham technique.

POINTE’ is an extended form of ballet. A student must reach a certain age and level before they are ready for Pointe’ based on a list of criteria. Pointe’ shoes are required and must be approved by Mrs. Carolyn. Two classes a week are required to build strength in the legs, torso, and ankles. All Pointe’ students must have prior approval from Mrs. Carolyn or Miss Krislynne.

LYRICAL is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary techniques. It is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song.

MODERN is a term used to describe contemporary dance. Modern dance centers on a dancer’s own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing.

JAZZ is a funkier form of dance. The body is used in many ways and is not as restricted as in ballet. Jazz is danced to more popular music.

HIP HOP is the style of dance often seen in the music videos. While jazz dance is heavily incorporated, pedestrian movements are stylized and included in combinations that are performed to upbeat music. Jazz experience is strongly recommended.

TAP is a form of dance that deals with rhythms of the feet. Many types of music are used. Jazz tap shoes are required for Level 1 and higher. MUSICAL THEATER/DRAMA is a performance class during which students will sample several styles of dance used in Broadway musicals and Hollywood movies. Mrs. Carolyn will consider these students 1st for main character. It emphasizes classic and stylized Jazz in the high energy fashion of some of the greats like Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins. This class is open to everyone.

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